OMAX 50X1500X Infinity Polarizing Darkfield Microscope 14MP USB Camera Metallurgical with nnlpax1602-Microscopes

Total magnification: 50X,75X,100X,150X,200X,300X,400X, 500X,600X,750X,1000X,1500X; Eyepieces: a pair of EW10X/22 (high eyepoint, phi22mm field of view), a pair of EW15X; Objectives: plan infinity achromatic, 5X, 10X (darkfield/brightfield), 20X (darkfield/brightfield), 40X(spring), 50X(spring), 100X (dry,spring), 100X (oil,spring); Head: Siedentopf trinocular 30degrees; inclined 360 degrees rotatable, interpupillary distance 48-75mm adjustable, diopter ring on left eyepiece tube
Nosepieces: revolving, quintuple, reversed; Condenser: NA0.9/0.25 condenser with iris aperture diaphragm, condenser center adjustable, top lens can be swing out of the light path; Stage: double layer mechanical stage, translational range 74mmx50mm, dimension 186mmx138mmPolarizing kit: polarizer and analyzer plates , slide in and out of the light path, 0degrees-90degrees graduation dial on analyzer
Focusing: coaxial coarse and fine adjusting knobs on both sides; Reflected illumination: 24V/100W Halogen lamp, intensity adjustable, field and aperture iris diaphragm; Transmitted illumination: 24V/100W Halogen lamp, intensity adjustable, field iris diaphragm; Color filters: blue, green, yellow, and white for reflected light, blue for transmitted light; Power supply: AC 100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 2.5A
Digital camera - Resolution 4096x3288 pixels ( 14 MP ) - 0.5X reduction lens to get larger field of view - Driver and software included in a CD - 0.01 mm stage micrometer included - USB cable included
5-year warranty against manufacturing defects